The cultural centre

The cultural centre administer the municipal work of culture. This includes the following: Activities for children and teenagers, Folkets Hus, cinema, school of culture, subsidy to voluntary activity, sport- and culture factories, arrangement for art and music, leisure activities and facilities for disabled.

The cultural centre has its office in Rådhuset, at Jørpeland. Telephone 51743069/ 51743000. The cinema, library and center for voluntary work is in Torghuset, Jørpeland.

Leader of culture: Anne-Kristin Sæther.

Leader of the library: Kathrine Vik.

Adviser of culture / leader of the cinema: Roger Nybroen.

Headmaster for the school of culture: Synnøve Nygård.

Deputy head for the school of culture: Asbjørn Voster.

Leader, Folkets Hus: Reidunn Lea Botnehagen.

Strand Volunteer Center: Heidi Rygh Bowitz.

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